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Today, on 12 October 2023, students of class 11th and 12th visited the Techno Fest at SGT University to ignite the fires of creativity in young minds, directing them towards research and innovation

   Several work projects exploring original approaches helped them to further develop these approaches in the future.

  Students were seen exploring themselves in various departments of science, humanities and medical sciences.

The visit provided an appropriate platform for the students to showcase their talent and innovative ideas for the betterment of the future as our students showcased their BIO GAS PLANT project.  The participants not only developed prototypes and also proposed solutions for real-life challenges through scientific applications.



On the 24th of August, 2023, our school children attended a Science Exhibition ‘INQUISITIVE INNOVATORS’ held at ‘CCA School ‘.  The exhibition  displayed different models and experiments.

The exhibition was open from 8.30am to 12:30 pm. The event provided a platform to the students for scientific explorations and innovations for the future scientists.The exhibition witnessed great enthusiasm and blooming participation from children of diverse schools, who had the unique opportunity of exploring as well as comprehending  creative scientific ideas in the form of activities, models and projects. This event led the children from the realms of theory into the arena of practicum.

The exhibition didn’t only kindle the scientific lamp of inquisitiveness in children but it also further ignited the flame due to children’s exposure to a wide variety of scientific concepts, principles and their application.

On the whole, visiting the Science exhibition was a great learning experience for both the students and teachers alike, wherein it seemed that the world of science practically came alive.




“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

RLSPS has organised a workshop on Drone Technology on July 29,2023 to enhance the students’ knowledge and for creating interest in students of grade 3rd to 8th.

The resource person explained about the wonders of Aerodynamics through Drone piloting.They also gave the introduction of drones, their  evolution  and different types of drones like multi rotors,fixed wing drones,single rotor drones, fixed wing hybrid VTWL.

They also provided the information that Drone worked on two principles: Newton’s Third law and Bernoulli’s theory.The workshop turned interactive with a round  of questions from the students.

After the session students had a hands on experience of drone piloting. Drones were even flown by the Principal and vice Principal ma’am. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks. Everyone enjoyed this workshop very much .

Thank You, ROBOMAX, for enlightening our students on the topic & inspiring them to strive for their dreams just like great men did!




Cyber Awareness & Cyber Security Workshop was organized by Delhi Public School, Sec. 45, Gurugram on April 20, 2023. The interactive session was hosted by Priyanshu Dewan, (HPS)ACP ,Cyber Crime, Gurugram and his expert team and it was attended by Principal Mrs. Hema Dhingra, Vice Principal Mrs. Lata Yadav, Ms Usha Rani and student representatives Kavita (XI Sc) and Khushi (X A). The session began with discussion about the Cyber Terminologies and latest Trending Cyber Frauds & Scams being committed around the country. The session revolved around the precautions that must be taken during online payments and password protection. The participants were able to get an insight into the digital area and what precautions are necessary for Cyber Safety. He also shared the QR Code for reporting Cyber Crimes. The objective of the workshop was to make people Cyber Smart by
Stay alert, stay safe!



Workshop for classes IX-XII was conducted on career counselling on 20th April 2022 in our school addressed by Mr Sunil Tripathi ,Anurag Trivedi( Shaan foundation and Shaan IAS academy ) with team members Gaurav, Chanchal and Sparsh.

 The main focus of the workshop was career counselling for students . Youth has the power to help a country develop and move towards progress

  The session was attended by all the student from classes 9 to 12 along with their teachers. The workshop was enriching for the students as they could talk about their issues in the stream  or college selection.



Our school had organised a seminar on space domains (Satellites, Rockets,Rovers & Drones)with the help of Helium Learning Lab,Delhi on August 6,2022 for enhancing the knowledge andcreating interest in students regarding the space activities.

The seminar had two sessions: First session was for classes VI-VIII

The second session was for classes IX-XII

The event began with the felicitation of the resource person -Mr Amit Kadian and his team. Mr. Amit Kadian reflected his vast insights and knowledge on the topic and emphasized the importance of space domains. A short documentary was also shown regarding how satellite launched in the space, how do drones works, what are Rovers and how it works in the space.All the above are essential tools i space exploration to collect the information about the terrain of space and to take crust samples such as dust , rocks, soil and even liquids.

The seminar ended with a round of questions from the students. The seminar ended with a vote of thanks

It was an excellent session and gave students foodfor thought and action.


A career counselling program was organized on 15th October 2022 at CCA School, Sector-4, Gurugram for the students to understand the various undergraduate programs in different universities.  This program was originally meant for the students of grade Xl& Xll who are in the pivotal years of their career. Students were accompanied by their teachers. Various universities put up their stalls like Amity, Bennett, and Woxsen University etc.

Each university introduced various courses in Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students got the opportunity to interact directly with the Consultants and fellow students from different schools regarding their career queries and their future ideals.

In nutshell, it was an informative experience for the students.



Seminar on Future Readiness of teachers  was organised by the school , addressed by Mrs.  Karuna Yadav, Principal and a master trainer for COE , CBSE along with the guest of honour Mrs. Pratima Sharma .

The programme started with the formal welcome by the school principal Mrs. Hema Dhingra.

The main focus of the workshop was to prepare teachers for ‘FUTURE ‘. A successful education system that is able to develop future-ready individuals who will continue to learn beyond graduation, take on future lifework, and thrive in a changing society and environment.  The Resource person enlightened the teachers that being future-ready implies that learning outcomes must be dynamic and aligned to new realities that emerge over time.

Ms. Karuna Yadav shared tips and strategies about how teachers can deal with future challenges and cope with it. Following her session, Ms. Pratima Sharma guided us about the various ways to deal with parents and children.  Programme culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by the vice principal,Mrs Lata Yadav.

The workshop was enriching for the teachers as they could talk about the everyday issues they deal with and about their sustainability in future.

Workshop on ‘Happy Classrooms

A workshop on ‘Happy Classrooms’ was conducted in the school for teachers by the school Principal Mrs Hema Dhingra. The workshop was conducted on Thursday, September 19, 2022 at the Common Room.The interactive workshop aimed at making the classrooms happy for the students. According to ma’am a happy classroom is possible only when the teacher is happy. The teachers were advised to leave all their worries, stress, anxiousness and tensions outside the classroom. The teachers were made to perform certain activities which made them aware of their strengths, weaknesses and skills in handling a difficult situation at workplace. The teachers were told about the importance of acronyms like – STOP, CARE and PLEASE to make the classrooms more effective and improve the teaching strategies of a teacher. A teacher should lend an ear to each and every student and should always be available for his/her help. They must understand the situations and background of a child before reacting or judging him/her.It was an informative and interactive workshop. It helped the teachers to know more about

themselves. It taught them to be happy individuals so that they are able to spread happiness to all the lives they touch. A happy teacher can make the whole atmosphere happy as,

‘Happiness is Contagious’.


Educational visit plays a prominent role in the career of a student. So, to view different career options our students visited SGT UNIVERSITY for SYNERGY- a techno fest which aims to synergize young minds in creativity and orient students towards research and innovation.

There were lots of activities and games for students like hit the guess, arranging the marbles etc. The university students showed us their products that they made on their own like Skincare, hair care and daily care products.

The Health and Disease branch of university created awareness among the students about many lifestyle diseases, their cause and prevention. The Environment R&D Department told the students about the conservation of the environment and asked students to follow the path of sustainable development.  It was a very interesting and innovative visit. All the students enjoyed it a lot.

Career Counselling Session

Class Xl & Xll
Our school organised a career counselling session for the students of class Xl & Xll on Thursday, 19th January 2023 in the Activity Hall. With a plethora of career options available in contemporary times, the role of a career counselling session becomes indispensable. The session was conducted by a team of SGT University, a recognized brand in the education sector.
The resource person Mr. Kaushal Sharma conducted the session. He emphasised that one must have in-depth knowledge of the choices lest one might end-up in a career that is not made for one. It is common among students going through this transition phase to get influenced by misinformation and end up making wrong decisions. He urged the students not to make decisions based on peer pressure. Students were made aware of the different options in profession and courses they could pursue based on the subject choices they made. Queries raised by the students were addressed by the team. He also talked about how to manage stress before exams.The session was immensely enriching and interesting.

Mind War Quiz Competition

Mind Wars Quiz Competition

Mind wars Quiz competition was promoted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, was organized in the School on February 13.
The event began with a written test to select twelve students for the stage round, the qualifiers being Sanjana(IX), Daksh(IX), Vinay(IX), Vivek (IX),Mehak(Vlll), Deepika(Vlll), Ruchika(Vlll), Varsha (Vlll),Deepanshi(Vll),Drishti(Vll),Kanika(Vl), and Upasana(Vl). The stage round, conducted by the Quiz Master Mr.Chanchal, comprised four rounds featuring questions on a wide range of topics such as Current Affairs, Entertainment, History & Politics, Science, Geography, Business & Commerce, etc. The audience too was involved with some questions posed to them.

The following emerged as the winners of the keenly-contested quiz:-
First– Sanjana(IX B) &, Upasana(VI)
Second– Mahak(VIIIB) & Kanika(VI)
Third–Ruchika(VIII B)& Drishti (VII)

Winners were given away the certificates. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.