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Beyond Curriculum


Assemblies are a medium to enlighten the young minds and channelize the thoughts, feelings and expressions into an ideal direction. They help to imbibe within the students the values and morals necessary to lead a balanced and disciplined human life. Various performances in the school assemblies motivate the visual and auditory skills thus laying a deep impact on the psychology of young learners.

The school has designed the morning assemblies with a view to ensure 100% participation giving an exposure to each and every child to showcase his/her innate abilities and to nurture their talent and skills. Parents are also encouraged to appreciate the performances of their children. All the students try to perform to the best of their abilities.The assembly starts with morning prayer followed by speech, news,quiz, word of the day, thought of the day and concludes with the National Anthem.


On every Friday, students of our school visit Baba Dudhadhari temple and spend the last hour cleaning the temple’s surroundings. Each Friday turn wise a class visits the temple for cleaning. During the visit, the students not only clean the surroundings and pick up waste materials but also segregate them at the source so that it will be easy to dispose and recycle them.

Students are thrilled to participate in this drive and describe it as “a unique experience. Students are also creating awareness among the public about personal hygiene, house, road and village cleanliness.

We here at school do not just provide academic input. It aims at building the personality of students, by imparting social service education to all the students along with their curriculum.


Celebrating special days like mother’s day, Human rights day, Conservation day, Haryana day etc are important events to enhance our academic program and for students to better understand their world. Through this our most important values such as awareness, responsibility, respect and productivity can be acquired by the students. To achieve the same our students celebrate these days by preparing a thematic display board exhibiting all the relevant information with vibrant sketches, educational messages and vivid borders, thus giving wings to their creativity. The outcome of the efforts was stupendous with artistically presented display boards along with  the information presented effectively. The zeal and vigour of the students was evident from the efforts put in by them in displaying their respective boards.



Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform, excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize. Competitions offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Keeping this in mind, the students of our school participated in avirtual competition ‘Supernova’ organised by the AMPS , where our students participated in Clay modelling, drawing competition and in Land of Colours competition for different age groups. All the students performed with great zeal.There is no doubt that the experience was enriching. Our students got to learn more.