1. Notice for withdrawal a pupil from the school be given in writing by the parent/ guardians under whose signature admission was granted. The written application should reach to principal’s office at least one month in advance.
  2. If a student is to be withdrawn from the school at the end of the academic session intimation to this effect should be given in writing within seven days from the declaration of the result of the annual examination. Such student should not attend any class in the next session. In case no intimation is received by the school regarding the intension of withdrawal or the students attends any class in the next session he/she will have to pay the full fee of the month.
  3. If a pupil is withdrawn from the school in course of academic year , the fee paid for the specific period during which the withdrawal application is made, will not be refunded .
  4. The school may ask the parent / guardian to withdraw his/ her ward
  1. For submitting false information to the school, for seeking admission
  2. For academic reasons
  3. On disciplinary grounds