Education is not just accumulation or passing on facts from generation to generation. Indeed it is that field which stimulates facts and experiences of past and present. The future of the students depends upon the present grooming at  R.L.S. P.S the uniqueness of each child is recognized and formulated. The life skills to face the real world are activated here be it planning, organizing , deciding questioning reasoning, analyzing team –building etc our fouil is to build global citizens we are our students with technological supremacy and help them integrate value, morals and other cultural legacy our mission is to provide positive catalytic impulse to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovered process. The students here learn to known their strength for the secret of success and contentment freedom of knowledge sharing with a proper interactive atmosphere is provided to the students hope that we be more innovative and creative with the kind co-operation and fee-back of the parents and guardians