Exam Schedule



Academic Session for classes I to VIII have been divided into two terms, First term and second Term  . Half yearly and annual examination will be of 40 marks for classes I to III, 60 marks for class IV to V and 80 marks for class VI to VIII.

Syllabus of classes III to V is separate in both the terms.

Syllabus of final term examination for classes VI to VIII – second term syllabus along with 10% of first term examination for class VI and 20%  of first term  for class VII and 30% of first term in class VIII in all the subject .

First Term: - April – September

Second Term: - October – March

Unit Tests will be conducted in the month of May, August, November and January. Each unit test will be of 25 marks for classes 1 to V and 30 marks for classes VI to VIII .

Note book Evaluation

Note book evaluation as a part of internal assessment is aimed at evaluating and enhancing seriousness of students toward written work done in class and home work .

Assessment of note book will be of 5 marks which will be conducted before each unit test and Term exam.

Note Books will be evaluated based on the following parameters:-

  1. Regularity
  2. Neatness
  3. Maintenance
  4. Completion of work
  5. Scholastic activity

Subject Enrichment Activity - These are subject specific activity aimed at evaluating and enhancing the understanding and skills of the students.

These activities will be carried out in the same week of Unit test or prior of Term Exams.


Co- Scholastic Activities:

 Grading on a Three Point Scale (A-C)

  1. Co- Scholastic activities will include
      • Work Education (Students will opt for any one from the given options)
      • Art Education (students will opt for any one from the given options)
      • Health & Physical Education
  2. Discipline (to be graded by the teacher )
  3. Assessment will be done on a three point scale once in each term
  4. No upscaling of grades will be done.

For class VI – VIII


Type of Exam



I Term




Subject enrichment Activity


Note Book


I Term Exam


II Term




Subject enrichment Activity


Note Book


II Term Exam




For class IX and X:

Cycle test will be conducted on each Monday of the month.

Periodic Test

1st Periodic Test – July

2nd Periodic Test – September

3rd Periodic Test – December

Final Term Exam will be conducted covering the complete syllabus at the end of the year where maximum marks will be 80 and student need to score minimum 27 marks(33%) to pass.

Internal assessment marks distribution will be as follows:

  1. 3 periodic Tests – weightage 10%

Best 2 marks out of 3 periodic tests will be added and converted into 10%.

  1. Notebook – 5%
  2. Subject Enrichment activity – 5%


Co – scholastic Activity will be assessed on a 5 point grading scale (A to E) and there will be no upscaling of grades.


For class XI

  1. During the First Term, one set of Unit Test of 30 marks will be held in all the five subjects opted by the student.
  2. In the Second Term two cycles of Unit Tests will be held in all the five subjects.

Final exam will comprise full syllabus in all subjects,

Weightage for Final Assessment:

Unit Test – 20%

First term – 40%

Second term – 40%

In order to be declared as ‘Passed’ a candidate shall obtain not less than 33% marks in each of the five subjects on Cumulative basis.

If a student gets less than 33% in one subject, he/she will be placed in compartment in the said subject as per the rules. Students failing in more than one subject shall not be promoted.

For class XII

Cycle test will be conducted on each Monday of the month.

I Term Exam – July

II Term Exam - September

I Preboard Exam – December

II Preboard – January


No child should be absent during examination. In case of medical leave, a copy of medical certificate is obligatory and should be produced within a week.

Average marks may be awarded in that case.